Album: Nightfall In North America (2011) (2011)

Song: American Dream

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In March of 2006, three longtime friends from outside of Philadelphia were crammed into a small bedroom, laughing about one day touring and playing their songs for people to enjoy. They ate pizza and discussed movies and comic books. They decided to start playing out as a 3-piece and for a few years, the guys played shows spanning the Mid-Atlantic, including a long tour covering the upper northeast. They then came home and started recording their full length cd, "364".

In due time, they realized that a full band might become necessary and soon enough, sought out other members to solidify the lineup which would change from time to time. With a new approach to songwriting and trading in their acoustic guitars for a more electric sound, Me Against Myself recorded their new EP at Vudu Studios in Long Island, NY. The EP is titled "Nightfall In North America" and will be released this August through One Day Savior Records. "Change is the only constant we know that will always stay the same."